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Vehltor® Guarantee


Vehltor Guarantees


Vehltors are committed to ensuring a high level of service and satisfaction for both vehicle sellers and buyers.

We know that nothing is more important that our customer satisfaction. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

We believe is doing things one way - that is the right way, and back it up with both seller and buyer guarantees.






As a vehicle owner, you are guaranteed:
  • Professionalism of our Vehltor
    Registered Vehicle Sales Agents.
  • Vehltors keep your contact
    information private, and represent
    you in all details where possible.
  • Vehltors handle every detail of the sale as your agent, representing you.
  • No money is paid to Vehltors
    up front when you consign your
    vehicle to a Vehltor location.
  • We will accept no less a price
    than you authorize us to accept
    for your vehicle. No exceptions.
  • Every effort is taken to represent
    your vehicles is the highest level
    visually, in descriptions and in
    our marketing efforts.
  • In the unlikely event your vehicle
    does not sell, you pay Vehltor
    nothing for our agents efforts.
  • In the event your vehicle does not sell, you are only responsible for exact payment of what any ads cost, and repairs you authorized while
    your vehicle is consigned to us.
  • You receive your settlement promptly once the transaction on your vehicle sold is completed.
  • Our goal is to obtain the best return
    possible on your vehicle sale.



As a vehicle buyer, you are guaranteed:
  • Vehltors receive no commission, and have no monetary gain in assisting you with your vehicle purchase.
  • Vehltor Registered Vehicle Sales Agents are only focused on your satisfaction with the vehicle you purchase, and our Vehltor service.
  • Every vehicle consigned is inspected, and the findings of the inspection are included in the ad.
  • Photographs and videos shown in the ads are taken by a Vehltor at the location where the vehicle is consigned.
  • Owner details about their vehicles in our ads are obtained by a Vehltor.
  • When you have questions,Vehltors will obtain the answers to your questions as quickly as possible.
  • You are guaranteed when you receive the vehicle, that the vehicle will be as described, in videos and pictures.
  • Vehltors will make every effort to obtain the lowest cost shipping.
  • If financing is needed, Vehltors will make every attempt to secure the best financial terms possible.
  • Our goal is to obtain the best return possible for you on your purchase.