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What can a Vehltor® do for you?


Vehltors™ make selling your vehicle for the best return easy. We do all the work, you get a check.

Vehltors™ represent your vehicle with a five-star presentation to the world.

A Vehltor® Registered Vehicle Sales Agent™ consigns your car, truck, classic, motorcycle, boat, or RV at their Vehltor® location, interviews you as to the facts you know about the vehicle, inspects the vehicle and takes a hundred plus quality photos and multiple videos - assembles a five star presentation in an Internet Super Ad using our advanced technology. Your Vehltor® Agent™ manages every detail of your vehicle sale.



Vehltors™ make sure your vehicle gets attention ...


Our marketing gets high visitor traffic to your Super Ad. Vehltor® Registered Vehicle Sales Agents™ help potential buyers with their questions, arrange financing (if needed), and obtain vehicle insurance and find the lowest cost shipping and provides the buyer any assistance needed in making vehicle delivery arrangements.


Vehltors™ negotiate, securely collect the funds in full
before your vehicle is shipped.


Literally - Vehltors™ manage every step, do all the work, you sit back and wait for your vehicle to be delivered, and you receive your settlement check. For this complete level of service, when you consign your vehicle to a Vehltor®, you set a price that is your minimum acceptable price, once sold, there is a small percentage fee of 5% to 10% of the successful sales price paid to the Vehltor® location the Vehltor® is registered under. Otherwise you only have the usual costs if you had sold the vehicle yourself. It's simple and easy.


No up-front fees!


Any related sales fees simply come out of your settlement check. In our last two years of consigning vehicles and helping others, in our weaker economy, we have sold and delivered eight out of every ten vehicles we have consigned. Both sellers and buyers have rated our service — 100% satisfied.

How is a Vehltor® different?


A Vehltor® does not individually profit from a sale or purchase.


Vehltors™ are trained, registered vehicle consignment resale professional sales agents held to the highest ethics, accountability and standards. There are many ways a Vehltor™ is different!


  • Vehltors™ receive no commission, they focus on the quality of their service to you.
  • A Vehltors™ future is ensured only by the highest customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Vehltors™ hold themselves to the highest level of standards and accountability.
  • Vehltors™ operate and abide by the Vehltor® Code of Conduct & Ethics.
  • Vehltors™ have had through background checks as part of their registration.


Background checks on Vehltors™ include:

  • Drug testing.
  • Criminal records check.
  • Drivers license records check.
  • Credit bureau reviewed.
  • Vehltors™ are bonded and insured.
  • Vehltors™ are registered - their registrations are reviewed and renewed annually.


These steps ensure a Vehltor® is truly a safe ethical fair
and honest person to transact with.


Once the Vehltors™ background check is completed, a Vehltors™ application is reviewed and approved. Once their application is approved, a Vehltor® Agent™ in training undergoes a series of education courses and specialized training. A Vehltor® is a full-service vehicle consignment sales agent serving both sellers and buyers — a trusted professional Registered Vehicle Sales Agent™, serving you handling all the details, you remain anonymous, and live your live - they work at a Vehltor® location.

How does having a Vehltor® change things for you?


Now with a Vehltors™ help you can obtain the best return and full market value for your vehicle in the world market. In the past when you bought a vehicle and/or needed to dispose of your present vehicle, what have been your options? Only three options have existed, and two of those options are the same if you only want to sell your vehicle. Now you have the option of a Vehltor® Registered Vehicle Sales Agent™ helping you in every way.


Let’s explore the pros and cons of each of those options:


Option 1. Trade your present vehicle at the dealer you purchase your next vehicle from.

  • Pros: It’s easy one-stop shopping and you can get it over with quickly.
  • Cons: You get killed on your trade in value and you know you lose money. You give up the profit the dealer makes on the resale of your trade in. And because a trade in value is controlled by the dealer, you don't even know what you really paid for the vehicle you just purchased!

Option 2. Don't trade your present vehicle in, you can try to sell it to another dealer at wholesale.

  • Pros: Dealer takes it off your hands. You settled for less than full market value, but you know what you got for your old vehicle. That lets you know what you paid for the vehicle you bought elsewhere. You're relieved to be done dealing with it.
  • Cons: You drive around trying to get a dealer to buy your vehicle, even if the dealer does not really want it. With no leverage, you settle for the low price a dealer gives you to take it off your hands at a wholesale value.

Option 3. Lastly, you can attempt to sell your old vehicle yourself from your driveway with a self-made sign, or you can pay for ads in your local newspaper and Internet web site.

  • Pros: We don't know of any. For all you could try to do, maybe you might make a little more than trading, may take a long time to sell, and maybe not sell, and you are still left with the vehicle.
  • Cons: Handling every detail yourself. Placing ads in the paper or Internet. Maybe you find doing what is necessary daunting and unable to use a digital camera, use email or deal with other digital challenges. You may not know how to sell a car, or be able to deal with people who are pressuring you, haggling. How do you do the paperwork? Do buyers have the money? How to get financing if they don't. Safely collect their money? The buyer wants to take it to his or her own mechanic, now what? People you don't know calling you all times of the day, night and weekends. Appointments made and broken. Unexpectedly, strangers show up in your driveway, come in your house. Going on a test drive with a total stranger in the driver’s seat. Or maybe buying is a ruse, and the ‘buyer’ is casing your house. Then legal issues - lots of them potentially. What if you give the buyer the title, and the buyer does not transfer it into the buyer’s name? What if someone comes to your house - then later the nice buyer claims foul play? Responding to people that emailed. Identity theft, financial fraud, Internet and email scams at an all time high and rising, what are you to do, except to take the risk. Decisions, rejection, confrontation, risk.


Selling your own vehicle has many challenges, barriers, and unknowns.


Besides the Cons listed above in Option 1, 2 and 3, meeting and transacting with strangers on high priced items over $10,000 is a virtual breeding ground of deceit attracting the worst elements of crime that can lead to peril to yourself and your family. Isn't there a better option?


Yes, now there is Option #4!


Now you have the option that has never been available before. Vehltor®. You are able to simply turn your keys (and drama) over to a Vehltor® Registered Vehicle Sales Agent™ at a Vehltor® location who will insulate and protect you, handle all the details, and obtain the highest price possible for your vehicle for you in a global market.


Vehltor® Agents™ work for you!


You meet with a Vehltor® Registered Vehicle Sales Agent™ at a Vehltor® location and they develop a personalized marketing strategy for your vehicle, then guide you in the best course of action to recoop the highest price. Once you consign your vehicle, your Vehltor® Agent™ handles all the details. If your vehicle is in need of any repairs, your Vehltor® Agent™ can also possibly save you on repair costs.

What is the next step?


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For our Vehltor® corporate offices: 1.888.4.Vehltor™ (1.888.483.4586). Vehicle owners we have served selling their vehicles tell us consigning their vehicles to us is one of the best decisions they ever made. On behalf of our Vehltors™, we look forward to serving you.

Our many thanks, we look forward to serving you.

H. Thomas Burke
Founder - Vehltor®


Testimonials From Sellers


Sold 6 vehicles using Vehltor® service



Tried for 7 months on their own to sell it before they found out about our service



Needed to get the best possible price as both their vehicles were recent purchases



Buyers outside of the USA were willing to pay more for their vehicle