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What is a vehicle worth?


Depending what type of vehicle you are seeking a value for, there are many authoritative sources for market values online. You will find most of the value guides listed on the right side of this page.


Make sure you determine all the features on the vehicle when you are looking up values. There are many features that are standard features - but usually many features were extra cost when the vehicle was new, and there still may be value added even though the vehicle is older.


Being there are many guides, the values may vary from guide to guide you use. Some pricing guides are regional, as vehicles can be worth more or less in a certain parts of the country. Make sure you take mileage into consideration when arriving at a value.


Other factors to consider?


Other major factors that determine a large variance in value is the vehicle condition. Making sure an inspection is done, so you know what may need to be done when you purchase the vehicle. If you are a seller looking for value, make sure you deduct from the value you seek, for what the next owner will have to do.


Make sure that you rate the condition correctly. Fuel economy is now a factor in value. High mileage vehicles depending on type of vehicle play a larger role is popular a vehicle is, and demand drives the market. Everyone that is shopping for vehicles often does not allow appropriately for vehicles that are extra clean, low mileage, one owners that have the maintenance records. Make sure when you are presenting your vehicle for sale that you bring to the forefront every aspect for added value.


There is a difference in bank loan value, trade-in value, retail value, and wholesale value. Then in value guides that are used for only wholesale values, there is extra clean, clean, average and rough condition.


Classifying the condition is one of the most important factors whether you are using wholesale or retail book value guides -- and again, they vary from state to state.



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— NAIS is an Industry Leader in Automotive Inspections
— Mechanical Breakdown / Auto Warranty Inspections
— Used Car Inspection / Pre-Purchase Auto Inspection
— Lease Return Inspection / Off Lease Inspection
— Verification Inspections/ Proof of Non-Conformity
— Lemon law / Breach of Warranty Inspections
— Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Quality Assessments
— Pre-Warranty Auto Inspections


NAIS Will Inspect Any Car Almost Anywhere in the USA


Order inspections online or by phone ...


Click for CarChexYou can obtain inspections from different companies. You can order them online or by phone. There may not be inspection companies where the vehicle you want to buy is located. In that case, possibly you could contact a local garage in the area and see if they will perform an inspection for you.


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