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12/13/2010 - Vehltor® Debut at Turkey Rod Run, Daytona International Speedway








It was quite the coming out when revealed itself over the 2010 Thanksgiving holiday. Says Katherine Damman, President of International Vehltor® Association, "It was an unbelievable four days at the Turkey Rod Run at Daytona International Speedway. delighted everyone who took the tour in our booth and learned about this vehicle service to help them, a service that has never existed before."

The Vehltor® Virtual Technology Tour™ on display at the Rod Run was educational, and enjoyed by everyone. An estimated hundred thousand people each day attended the Rod Run. Tom Burke, founder of Vehltor® added, "It has taken almost five years to get to this point, and now Vehltor® has arrived to serve the people. This being the first time Vehltor® has publicly appeared, there were many things learned. We are reviewing the events of the four days. It was rewarding to meet the public en mass. We received thanks from so many people at our reception at the Rod Run, just as we gave our thanks to our public on Thanksgiving. We also want to give special thanks to Big Daddy Don Garlits, The King Of Dragsters."






New Concept In Vehicle Consignment Changes
Everything For Vehicle Sellers And Buyers

OCALA, FL - November 25, 2010:
Vehltor® Corporate Headquarters, 415 N. Magnolia Avenue, 2nd Floor, Ocala, Florida 34475 USA

When selling or buying used vehicles, the 300 million people in the USA have been left in the back seat – until now. From Florida's Marion County seat Ocala, springs a service specifically created to help people, and whose franchises will spread across the USA. Vehltor® has arrived. Vehltor® is a new industry. It’s the branch that never grew from the vehicle industry tree. The option is finally here for used vehicle sellers and buyers to have unhurried and unpressured face-to-face guidance when their vehicles change hands. It’s the help people have needed since the first Model T rolled off Henry Ford’s mass production line in 1908. Vehltor® Registered Vehicle Sales Agents serve and protect the public from fraud, Identity Theft and scams in vehicle transactions both on and off the Internet. Using non-commissioned Agents and without accepting trade-ins, Vehltor® consigns and sells pre-owned (and still owned) cars, trucks, classics, motorcycles, boats and RVs in a special way, to a worldwide audience on the Internet.

This Thanksgiving, Vehltor® speaks out to the nation for the first time from Turkey Rod Run held at Daytona’s International Speedway. Says founder Tom Burke, “We are extremely grateful to have the opportunity during this weekend of reflection and giving thanks, to reveal to Americans they now have a new option when selling and buying their vehicles. Vehltor® is a unique vehicle consignment service – unique in that it allows vehicle owners to seek their asking price in the world market. And then to be represented and protected by a Registered Vehicle Sales Agent™, a Vehltor®, who knows that it’s really all about the people, not their millions of cars, trucks, classics, motorcycles, boats and RVs they want to sell. Because Vehltor® parallels the best attributes of the professional real estate industry, we like to say ‘A Vehltor® does for vehicles what a real estate agent does for homes™’.” Guidance, protection and service.

In conclusion, Vehltor® provides a new environment, where unhurried processes let human nature take its course to drive the vehicle transaction on both ends. Vehltor® has developed a tested, proven, innovative way for people to buy and sell their cars, trucks, classics, motorcycles, boats and RVs – on their terms and their timelines, trusting knowledgeable, caring people to handle all aspects involved in the creative process, marketing process and sales and purchase process, from beginning to end. Vehltor® is a hospitality service that makes it easy, fun, and safe for people to transact. It simply never existed in any real, measurable, personal way, until now. Vehltor® invites you to Rediscover Trust™. Vehltor® is a new word – a new option – a new industry. Employing people to help people™.

For those who can’t make it to booth G2221 at Daytona’s 36th Annual Turkey Rod Run November 25th –November 28th, 2010, we invite you to visit or Or call 1.888.4.Vehltor™ (1.888.483.4586) for 28th, 2010, we invite you to visit or Or call 1.888.4.Vehltor™ (1.888.483.4586) for more information about franchise, investment opportunities, or, to obtain the help of a Vehltor®.

Press and Media contact information:

H. Thomas Burke, Founder | Vehltor®
Cell Phone: 352.274.2258 | eMail:



11/17/2010 - Win Lunch For 2 "Big Daddy" Don Garlits, the "King of the Dragsters"

Click here to visit Big Daddy on the webWhile spectators are at Turkey Rod Run Thanksgiving Weekend 2010, they can stop by Vehltor® booth G-2221 and register to win a lunch for two (2) with "Big Daddy" Don Garlits, dubbed the "King of the Dragsters"

The name "Big Daddy" Don Garlits is synonymous with Drag Racing, and Don could be considered the patriarch of Top Fuel Drag Racing. Don's high school sweetheart is his wife Pat, however, his first love is the automobile, and his passion for winning. His Swamp Rat 34 hand fabricated blace racecars carried him to 144 national event wins.

Adding to his marvelous racing accomplishments is a Florida tourist complex called Garlits Auto Museums in Ocala, FL. The Drag Racing Museum and Classic Car Collection, 17 World Championship Titles, and numerous racing milestones are all reality because Don first saw them as worthwhile dreams. Don's distinct ability to conceptualize his dreams has allowed him to be master over the end result.

Visit Vehltor® at booth G-2221 between November 25th, to November 28th, 2010 and register. Don was gracious to accept an offer to attend a lunch for two to be offered by entering to win at the Vehltor® booth G2221 at the Turkey Rod Run. Don Garlits is not affiliated in any way with Vehltor®, just believes in another person in Ocala that is trying to do the right thing.

Don Garlits conceptualized a better stronger safer Drag Racing industry for all, and so it is today. Tom Burke conceptualized an option that has never existed helping people with their vehicles that people should have evolved, an environment where people would be safer, protected, and served in the highest fashion with respect and honor by people. Those people are Vehltors™. Tom is commited to that option coming of age. Vehltor® is now here.

For more information on "Big Daddy" Don Garlits, visit his website at:



11/15/2010 - Vehltor® Receives "Horse Fever" Honor from MCCAA

Horse Fever in Ocala, a wave of Horses. Ocala, FL is "Horse Capital of the World." Tom Burke, founder of Vehltor® has been recognized for his work of love in helping the community. From working to put together a program of Digital Arts with the MCCAA, to teaching at Central Florida College Pathways Program, the CF Senior Institute, Prestige Group. Tom has also spearheaded the "Personal Safety - On and off the Internet" Community Public Service No cost Workshops since 2006 at Central Florida College (formerly Central Florida Community College. The Marion County Cutural Arts Alliance has chosen Tom on behalf of Vehltor® to receive one of the six special horses that were made after the original 53 Horse Fever Horses we made and placed at notable locations in the county.

The Horse Fever Horse's name is 'Light Years' which now stands proudly at the entrance to the "Welcome Center" at the location, which is located at 415 N. Magnolia Avenue, Ocala, FL 34475. Stop by and see Light Years, a horse that was broken, and repaired. Truly a special horse. Light Years can be seen anytime during normal business hours. Vehltor® is light years ahead ...



9/12/2010 - Vehltor® attending Turkey Rod Run at Daytona International Speedway

Vehltor® company located in Ocala, FL USA announced today that on Thanksgiving weekend 2010, Vehltor®, the company that brought 'the new option' to the public for obtaining professional assistance with their vehicle selling and buying will debut nationally at the annual Turkey Rod Run event from November 25th through November 28th, 2010. More to follow ...



6/7/2010 - Vehltor® National Title Services for Vehicle Buyers

Effective June 7th, 2010, Vehltor® locations are able to process tag, tax and title and complete all necessary paperwork for vehicle buyers anywhere in the USA. Another value addition to working with a Vehltor®. Our technology is in place to provide all aspects of DMV services for vehicle buyers anywhere in the USA.

This technology will soon be implemented into all Vehltor® Internet vehicle ads, where potential buyers directly from our online vehicle ads will be able to quickly obtain the exact cost on what their taxes, tag and title work on their vehicle purchases will be. No guesswork, and everything handled for them. Vehltors™ will be able to save our vehicle purchasers from having to deal with the legal details and avoid their time necessary that usually is required when their vehicles they purchased are delivered. Now Vehltor® is 'full service' in all vehicle legal paperwork processing.

Tom Burke, Founder of Vehltor® explained "we are excited to bring to market the first in 'helping and protecting' vehicle purchasers in another very important way. Another announcement will be forthcoming on 'Vehltor® Title Insurance'. For the first time in automotive history, a vehicle purchaser will be protected and guaranteed clear title via 'Title Insurance' on vehicles they purchase. "

Training internally on the Vehltor® Vehicle Transaction Title Registration Service will begin on June 21st, 2010 for Vehltor® Registered Vehicle Sales Agents™. Vehltors™ will receive individual notices as to when and where their training is scheduled. Any questions prior to that notification should be directed to Vehltor® corporate at 352.789.6224 Ext 203. More news coming soon.



6/7/2010 - Vehltor® Selects AdminiStaff To Provide National Human Resources


Announced today that Vehltor®, a Florida company has selected AdminiStaff Services, one of the nations largest Professional Employment Organizations to provide services nationally for Vehltor® franchise locations. Administaff is a national Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) that provides full-service human resources (HR) department for America’s best small and medium-sized businesses. AdminiStaff professionals equip companies with a a complete HR portfolio that includes employment administration, benefits management, government compliance, retirement services, recruiting and selection, training and development, performance management and more.

AdminiStaff utilizes advanced technologies that will provide Vehltor® franchise owners and Vehltor® team members via AdminiStaff's Employee Service Center 24/7/365 online access to secure automated, personalized human resources services. This web-based self-service platform is the fastest way to get answers to your questions, and it's your primary source of information about the employee benefits and services you receive from Administaff, which include online interactive training, medical management, policies, payroll and access to all benefit programs.

This new HR implementation has resulted from a year of research and Vehltor® corporate meeting face-to-face with the top PEOs nationally. Fred Lambes, Executive Vice President of Vehltor® stated "Our choice was AdminiStaff because of their professionalism, the array of benefits, training and services, in addition to providing the ability for our company going forward to shape innovative programs that lead the nation in Human Resources. Vehltor® is committed to ensuring everyone we do business with, as well as internally on our team -- that Vehltor® truly delivers 'the best return for everyone'."

Mr. Lambes went on to say "We take a moment here to 'thank everyone at Vehltor®' for their professionalism and extraordinary level of service that people have been conveying when our corporate office has communicated with them. Buyers, Sellers, people in business and consumers in our market areas and Internet alike all rate Vehltor® Five Stars. Well done!"



6/4/2010 - Location Opens

Vehltor® announced today has opened on June 4th, 2010, and has already consigned vehicles helping those in their community. located at 415 N. Magnolia Avenue, Ocala, FL 34475, is in the heart of Ocala, with the heart of Ocala. Vehltor® Agents™ are trained and ready to assist visitors and answer any questions, extremely proud to bring a quality personalized service to Marion County that consigns cars, trucks, classics, motorcycles, boats and RVs. Contact online, click here.

Rediscover Trust™


Call today at 352.789.6244, or visit in Ocala for more information.



5/2/2010 - Location Opening In June 2010.

Vehltor® announced today that the location will at 415 N. Magnolia Avenue, Ocala, FL 34475. Vehltor® Agents™ are trained and ready to assist visitors and answer any questions, extremely proud to bring a quality personalized service to Marion County that consigns cars, trucks, classics, motorcycles, boats and RVs. Contact online, click here.

Rediscover Trust™

Call today at 352.789.6244, or visit in Ocala for more information.




2/3/2010 - Vehltor® Blog Beta Goes Live blog goes live Saturday February 13th, 2010 in beta form in advance of Vehltor® national announcement of their unique personalized service that fills the void vehicle owners across every vehicle segment have had for the last century.

On the Vehltor® Blog that will go into full swing by mid-year 2010. You can learn about what a Vehltor® is, how a Vehltor® makes a difference for vehicle owners, where you can find a Vehltorship™, how a Vehltor® consignment service works, and how buyers can get help with financing, insurance, shipping, and get the answers to any question you may have.

Post a comment on our forum, and get answers.

Vehltor® Registered Vehicle Sales Agents™ are men and women of excellence who serve the preowned vehicle consignment sales industry. Vehltors™ consign and sell your cars, trucks, classics, motorcycles, boats and RVs at Vehltor® locations, and are trained professionals, representing both vehicle sellers and buyers under the Vehltor® Code of Conduct & Ethics.

Vehltor® Registered Vehicle Sales Agents™ professionally represent vehicle owners in the consignment resale of their vehicles, as well as help guide vehicle buyers in all details in completing their vehicle purchase transaction. Vehltors™ provide full-service service and support, ensuring that both the seller and buyer receive what they are expecting, and, that both are 100% satisfied.

People needing to resell their vehicles have never had anyone to assist them. We have always been left on our own with our many decisions on the resale of vehicles we purchase. So many details, so many things could go wrong, and so many risks. Vehltor® was created to represent and fill the needs on both sides of the transaction in a vehicle resale. To help you with your vehicles transactions through a superior new service. A service you can trust.

Rediscover Trust™ – Call a Vehltor® today at 888.4.Vehltor (888.483.4586), or visit for more information.



1/5/2010 - National Partnerships To Be Announced


Vehltor® announced that multiple partnerships with national groups in the vehicle industry are in the process of agreements being completed. With Vehltor® locations opening across the US, these partnerships will be beneficial to all vehicle sellers and buyers. According to Frederick Lambes, EVP of Vehltor®, "these are exciting times for consumers and those in the vehicle industry that have been struggling to find positive things. In 2010, Vehltor® is the best return for everyone". Look for more news on the partnerships ...



1/1/2010 - MyVehltor™


Vehltor® announced today that a new addition to Vehltor® web sites is coming soon. MyVehltor™, which is a free, easy-to-use customizable tools account for every visitor. With these new tools visitors can save their results when they research vehicle reviews, price value guides, order inspections on vehicles interested in, compare financing and obtain approvals, find and purchase the lowest cost on vehicle insurance and shipping. If you plan to pick up the purchased vehicle, you can obtain maps; make travel arrangements and hotel accommodations.


MyVehltor™ Will Feature

  • Research Vehicle History
  • Research Vehicle Reviews and Ratings.
  • Review Values With Multiple Price Guides.
    NADA, Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book
  • Order Independent Vehicle Inspections.
  • Compare Terms, Interest Rates and Obtain Financing.
  • Vehicle Insurance Comparisons.
  • Obtain Lowest Ship Quotes and Delivery Timelines.
  • Make Hotel, Motel and Travel Arrangements.
  • Save Vehicle Searches and Other Information.
  • Track Vehicles Interested, Bid On or Purchased.
  • Communicate With Vehltors™ and The Community.
  • Create a free web accessible email account.



11/30/09 - An Answer for Closed Vehicle Dealership Owners


Vehltor® locations are in the process of opening in cities across the USA. Once closed vehicle dealerships are being reopened as Vehltor® locations serving the public for the first time on their vehicle transactions as real estate agents do for real estate transactions. Finally vehicle owners who are selling their vehicles have the committed help they need. And, the buying public has help too in any way they need it when purchasing a preowned-still owned vehicle. Whether it is across the state, across the nation, or across the ocean - Vehltor® brings the help, handling the details on both sides of a vehicle transaction.

As consumers find out about Vehltor®, more cars, trucks, classics, motorcycles, boats and RVs will be sold through a Vehltor®. Vehltor® Agents™ are the new way to transact safely and confidently. A main focus of Vehltor® is to reopen closed vehicle facilities and put people back to work nationally, and, at the same time, provide a vehicle service that has been nonexistent.