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Vehltor, Inc. has the total sales and fixed operations franchise solution to put you in the vehicle business.


The guaranteed satisfaction solution for vehicle sellers and buyers is here


Finally, the help and guidance people deserve. The missing option is here for vehicle owners to have a service
where their needs are addressed. A professional service, where the the people assisting the public care only
about vehicle seller and buyer 100% satisfaction, and operate under the Vehltor Code of Conduct & Ethics
governed by the International Vehltor Association.



Vehicle buyers at their local Vehltor location can browse from a diverse selection of cars, trucks,
boats, classic cars, motorcycles, boats and RVs. A literal shopping mall experience at Vehltor.

Vehltor, Inc has Franchise Opportunities available in the State of Florida, and soon other states.


The highlights of Vehltor®


Changing the world marketplace
helping both buyers and sellers
of vehicles rediscover trust.



Vehicle seller and buyer need:


• Used vehicle owners have no one to help them and works in their best interests to sell their
used cars, trucks, classics, motorcycles, boats, and RVs.

• Used vehicle buyers have no one to help them that works in their best interests in the
purchase of their used cars, trucks, classics, motorcycles, boats, and RVs.

• Yes they do! The Vehltor franchise business has created a proven new industry that services our
under served nation of vehicle owners as sellers, and vehicle buyers across the USA in all vehicle segments.

• Vehltors do for vehicles what real estate agents do for homes – represent and protect people.

• Vehltors provide a professional vehicle consignment sales service. Vehltors act as sales agents for
sellers and buyers in a way they have never been served before. Vehltors provide this service through
franchise locations across the USA. And it is the Vehltor Franchise that provides the way for this new
Vehltor service industry to consign, represent, and sell cars, trucks, classics, motorcycles, boats, and RVs.


Vehicle industry need:


• Our Vehltor opportunity provides a real solution to anyone seeking a unique business utilizing
the thousands of closed and closing vehicle dealerships who have closed their locations. Vehltor
also provides a solution for the owners of closed dealership properties who have no tenants.

• A Vehltor Franchise brings in unlimited inventory to fill the locations by consigning cars, trucks, classics,
motorcycles, boats and RVs over $10,000 - with inventory, repair and vehicle advertising cost eliminated.

• Vehltors are Registered Vehicle Sales Agents held to a Code of Conduct & Ethics who handle every detail of the
vehicle sale for sellers and buyers. They represent and market consigned vehicles locally and on the Internet,
using our proprietary technologies (VOS-DTMS), at and other Internet marketplaces.


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    303 S.E. 17 Street
    #309, Suite 222
    Ocala, FL 34471

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DISCLAIMER: The information in this website is based on what we are doing in Florida, and, your viewing this information should not be construed as a solicitation from Vehltor, Inc.

We are currently trying to register in other states in the southeastern USA. If you are seeking a location in another state other than Florida located in the southeast USA, your state may be one of them, and we will send you Franchise Disclosure documents as soon as we are registered for any states we are filed. The information in this website is based on the state of Florida, and may be different in your state. We are registered to offer Vehltor franchises only in the State of Florida, and do not offer franchises in any other state. We are not registered in any other state. Registration by any state does not indicate approval or accuracy of any of the Franchise Disclosure documents. For more information, call 1.888.4Vehltor (1.888.483.4586), or contact us online.