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Vehltors™ help you in obtaining the information needed to make an informed buying decision. When a vehicle is consigned, a Vehltor® Agent™ conducts an interview with the consigned vehicle owner, so you will have current knowledge that came directly from the present owner in our ad listings.






Here are the ways benefits you:


Our listings with Vehltor® assistance have many key features that other Internet vehicle websites lack:

  • Complete detailed listing of vehicle equipment and options.
  • Market values available on the vehicle from multiple price guide sources.
  • Vehicle history that comes directly from an interview with the vehicle owner.
  • Comprehensive vehicle inspection report verified by the Vehltor® location.
  • Disclosure statement of any mechanical known defects or work that needs to be done.
  • AutoCheck® vehicle history report with Guaranteed 100% Buy Back Protection.
  • Registration Photo ID Card verifying identity of Vehltor® Agent™.
  • Clear easy to understand terms of the sale with easy Vehltor® contact.
  • One hundred or more quality photographs with easy to see detailed close ups.
  • Multiple quality videos of interior, exterior, startup and vehicle road test.
  • Ability online to obtain vehicle financing at the lowest interest rates and best terms.
  • Obtain Insurance company comparisons and find the lowest cost on insurance.
  • The availability to obtain vehicle mechanical warranty protection (if available for vehicle).
  • Access to source the lowest shipping quotes with expected delivery timelines.

The benefits you have when purchasing from


You are not alone anymore.

Vehltors™ happily guide and assist you
with every step of your purchase.


To list benefits of that are unique:

  • When you contact us on a vehicle we have advertised, you are working directly with a Vehltor® Agent™.
  • When you make an inquiry, the Vehltor® at the location the vehicle is consigned at contacts you back.
  • Most of the time Vehltors™ are able to directly communicate with the vehicle owner on your behalf.
  • Most dealers selling vehicles can only rely on limited information from CarFax or AutoCheck.
  • Vehltors™ are able to get the answers to your questions from the vehicle owners.
  • AutoCheck Report or Carfax Report are available on every car and truck when available.
  • Vehltor® Code of Conduct & Ethics, Vehltors™ have the highest levels of standards and accountability.
  • You can rest assured your satisfaction is a Vehltors™ first and top priority.
  • We are proud of Vehltors™ 100% customer satisfaction rating by both buyers and sellers..
  • Vehltors™ can provide assistance with many other aspects of your potential purchase.
  • Vehltors™ work with you to help possibly negotiate with the owner if it is necessary.
  • Vehltors™ help you with financing, insurance, mechanical protection warranties, and shipping.
  • Vehltors™ are full-service agents, just like going back in time, when what really matter most was you — the customer.
  • A Vehltors future in our company rests with every customer we serve.
  • Vehltors™ do not work on a commission basis, so their only attention is focused on helping you.

The included protections you get when purchasing from Vehltor®.


  • Total confidence through safe protected vehicle transactions; Vehltor® governs Vehltor® Agents™ conduct.
  • Your information is kept confidential. We maintain highest levels of confidentiality allowed by law.
  • We eliminate risks that arise dealing with strangers. A Vehltor® is registered, bonded and insured.
  • All the vehicles we list have been inspected, so what the ad says, is what you should expect.
  • If a vehicle is not 'as described and pictured', you are under no obligation to complete the purchase.
  • Vehltor® locations act as escrow agents on your behalf when your funds are received.
  • Guarantee title. Clear title of ownership is conveyed to you upon payment of cleared funds in full.
  • Many of the vehicles we have available are qualified up front for 100% BuyBack Protection from AutoCheck during our Vehltor® vehicle inspection process.
  • AutoCheck is a division of Experian. Look for this valuable no-cost transaction protection in each vehicle ad as you are researching and considering purchasing.
  • Vehltors™ are happy to assist you make arrangements for a vehicle inspection (independent vehicle inspection at your cost can give you an outside opinion and added assurances).

What's the next step as a Buyer?


Find the vehicle you wish to purchase at, or at eBay®, or a Vehltor® location.

A Vehltor® Registered Vehicle Sales Agent™ will assist you every step along the way.


Contact with any questions, click here.


Call at 352.789.6244.


Call Vehltor® Corporate Offices at 1.888.4.Vehltor™ (1.888.483.4586).

Buyers who have purchased consignments we have sold have rated us 100% on Buyer Satisfaction.

On behalf of our Vehltors™ at all Vehltor® locations, we look forward to serving you.

Our many thanks, we look forward to serving you.

H. Thomas Burke
Founder - Vehltor®