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Vehltor® Registered Vehicle Sales Agents™ are men and women of excellence who serve the preowned vehicle consignment sales industry. Vehltor® Agents™ consign and sell your cars, trucks, classics, motorcycles, boats and RVs at Vehltor® locations, and are trained professionals, representing both vehicle sellers and buyers under the Vehltor® Code of Conduct & Ethics governed by the International Vehltor® Association. Vehltor® Agents™ at VehltorOcala.com are ready to be of personal assistance to you and help and assist you with every aspect. Phone: 352.789.6244. USA Toll free: 1.888.4.Vehltor™ (1.888.483.4586). Open Monday - Friday 9am-6pm (Weekends and Holidays by appointment).

Vehltor® Registered Vehicle Sales Agents™ operate with the highest level of ethics, professional standards and accountability. VehltorOcala.com is proud to serve our Central Florida, Marion County Ocala Florida area. Stop by our VehltorOcala.com location in downtown Ocala today! 415 N. Magnolia Ave. Just south of the railroad and bus station, on NE 5th Ave, between 1st Street and Magnolia Street.

Who are Vehltors™?


Vehltor® Registered Vehicle Sales Agents™ are a new generation of professional men and women who provide the new preowned vehicle sales consignment alternative to vehicle owner sellers, and as advisors for the buyers they assist with their vehicle purchase.


What do Vehltors™ do?


Vehltor® Registered Vehicle Sales Agents™ professionally represent vehicle owners in the consignment resale of their vehicles, as well as help guide vehicle buyers in all details in completing their vehicle sale and purchases transaction. Vehltors™ provide full-service service and support, ensuring that both the seller and buyer receive what they are expecting, and, that both are 100% satisfied.

Why a Vehltor®?


People needing to resell their vehicles have never had anyone to assist them. Now we do have Vehltors™ who really care and help you every step of the way. We have always been left on our own with our many decisions on the resale of vehicles we purchase. So many details, an interruption to you your life, so many things could go wrong, and so many risks. Vehltor® was created to represent and fill the need and provide a service never available before. Vehltor® Agents™ are trained provide full-service on both sides of the transaction in a vehicle resale. To help you with your vehicles transactions through a professional superior new service. A vehicle sales service you can trust.


Rediscover Trust - Call a Vehltor® today.


How is a Vehltor® different?


A Vehltor® Registered Vehicle Sales Agent™ does not individually profit from a sale or purchase of any vehicle. You put no money out of pocket up front. Vehltor® handles everything. Vehltor® Registered Vehicle Sales Agents™ are trained bonded registered vehicle consignment resale professional sales agents, held to the highest ethics, accountability and operating standards, and Vehltor® Agents™ do not receive a penny - they receive no commission on any transaction. Their purpose is to help you in every way. A Vehltor® Agents™ future financial growth is based solely on the satisfaction ratings of the vehicle sellers and buyer they have helped. Our entire focus is the satisfaction of those we serve.


The traditional way vehicle pricing goes: People always start from a top price we set on a vehicle, and -- Buyers and Sellers -- both know we work down from that top price. The end result. You ask $25,000, and you will sell it for less, and receive less. And fact is, almost always vehicles sell for less that the stated price. Then you advertise it in your local market, or, put a sign in your windshield, limited to local only buyers. You create the ad, place the ad (on-or-off the Internet), then prepare to handle all the details yourself. Phone calls interruptions all hours of the day and night, meeting with people, their mechanic, test drives, do they have the money, giving out your information and exposing yourself to many risks, you handle all details to sell it, then the financial and legal details. You are on your own.

The Vehltor® way in pricing: You receive the highest price for your vehicle in the world global marketplace. You set your price that you will be satisfied with when you consign your vehicle, and we will not sell it for less than you tell us to (called the reserve price). We start your vehicle price at one penny at auction at eBay, use a reserve, which prevents the vehicle for underselling below your acceptable price. Buyers are searching to buy vehicles, and they go to eBay to buy. There is your 'one vehicle', and millions of buyers on the Internet searching for their next vehicle. On your vehicle being seen, it's likely thousands of ready to buy vehicle shoppers will visit your vehicle Vehltor® SuperAd. Your Vehltor® Agent handles everything for you. Every detail - and help anytime you need it.

Vehltor® Registered Vehicle Sales Agents™ consign and sell your vehicle at their local locations and list your vehicle on the Internet, create your Internet Super Ad and manage the complete sale and delivery of your vehicle - Your Vehltor® Vehicle Super Ad reaches the best Internet marketplaces, like eBayMotors, CraigsList, and others - all top vehicle marketplaces. Everything is handled for you. Your vehicle sells, you get a detailed statement showing what eBay ads fees, which you would have paid had if you had done all the work trying it on your. Get the help from professionals that are here to help you. You simply get a check when your vehicle is sold and delivery is completed.

Where are Vehltors™?


Vehltor® locations are opening across the USA.



Vehltor® locations are select car, truck, motorcycle, boat, and RV facilities that have been reopened or converted to a Vehltor® Vehicle Consignment location. There are also other facilities with large warehouses suitable to accommodate a large number of vehicles indoors that may have closed and have been reopened as Vehltor® locations. Vehltor® Registered Vehicle Sales Agents™ are responsible to serve the market surrounding the Vehltor® location they are registered under. In Ocala Florida, look for the VehltorOcala.com sign on North Magnolia Avenue downtown. Vehltors™ at VehltorOcala.com are looking forward to assisting you any way you need help. Call us at 352.789.6244, or contact us online.

How are Vehltor® locations selected?


Vehltor® locations are implemented only with location owners that meet our rigid requirements, and that have a proven past history of the highest customer satisfaction, operating standards and management.


How do I contact a Vehltor® at VehltorOcala.com?


Hello - welcome from VehltorOcala.com — we look forward to serving you.

To contact us at VehltorOcala.com online, click here, or to call us, please call 352.789.6244.

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